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Why Innovation Efforts Fail

Innovation in business often stumbles, with 94% of leaders dissatisfied and 80-90% of innovation labs failing, according to McKinsey and Capgemini. This article identifies six key failure modes: wrong ideas, risky bets, ineffective funding, inadequate team knowledge, difficulty transitioning from concept to product, and lack of supportive leadership and culture. Rutabaga addresses these challenges by aligning organizations with customer needs, fostering a customer-centric culture essential for successful innovation in today's dynamic market.
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Day in the Life of a Founder: A Journey of Mastery and Gratitude

Dwayne discusses his journey of entrepreneurship, explored through a lens of mastery and gratitude. Founding Rutabaga, the he faces the challenge of sprinting a marathon, learning to wear multiple hats, and navigating the fundraising rollercoaster. Each day brings growth, resilience, and a deep appreciation for the fulfilling, albeit exhausting, work of building a meaningful business. This blend of skill mastery and thankfulness defines his entrepreneurial path.
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Black Friday and the Failed Customer Experience

Tired of the relentless Black Friday hype? It's not just you. This once one-day shopping spree has morphed into a confusing, drawn-out affair. Originating in the 1950s US, Black Friday's global spread seemed like a win for deal-seeking shoppers. However, it's now more about boosting retail profits over an extended period. This shift dilutes its original purpose of adding value to customer experiences. Instead, it leaves many shoppers disappointed, erodes trust with misleading 'discounts', and fails to foster customer loyalty. Amidst financial strains, customers are scrutinizing deals more closely, and some are opting for Buy Nothing Days or #OptOutside movements. It's time for businesses to refocus on genuine customer relationships and experiences, moving away from revenue-driven tactics to truly enrich the holiday season.
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Nov 20, 2023

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My Story (In Celebration of International Women's Entrepreneurship Day)

On International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Allison reflects on co-founding Rutabaga. After a decade in diverse organizations, she saw how existing product delivery tools enforced silos, caused inefficiencies, and led to burnout. These tools lacked smooth integration, often leading to frustration and all-nighters. Her passion lies in translating research insights into empathetic user understanding, but the tooling challenges were overwhelming. That's why Rutabaga was born. It's a platform designed to seamlessly field research, analyze data, and leverage knowledge, facilitating the creation of impactful products.
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